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Most incredible World Cup Stories
Luciano Wernicke has brought together in this amazing book the most entertaining and incredible curiosities that have occurred during the first eighteen editions of the Football World Cup. Hilarious anecdotes, records and passionate feats that show the human side of the "most popular sports". Some of the stories are related to unforeseen circumstances on the playing field, the stands or the gatherings; others tell facts located a little further from the stadiums, to help understand the historical context in which each tournament unfolded. "Most incredible World Cup Stories" takes a tour of each of the World Cup stages through unforgettable clashes, figures and records. Also revealing: the feat of a striker who continued to play despite having suffered a heart attack, the curious menu of an African team, why Johan Cruyff wore a shirt with two strips instead of three, or the story of a footballer who lost A World Cup match to take a test at the University.
A delightful book that amuses us with stories that reveal unknown aspects of the great event that every four years has the world in its grasp.

Most incredible World Cup Stories

Luciano Wernicke

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